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This page is experimental and under construction...

On this page, I - Cliff Weinmann - plan to collect some experimental three-dimensional depictions, or variations, of Stefan's - and other cosmically inspired - art, as well as other experimental work. To see the movies, VR (Virtual Reality) panoramas, scenes and models, QuickTime version 4 for the Mac or Windows is needed. You can download it here.



The public domain multi-platform ray-tracing software POV-Ray and POV-RayUnofficial (generally renders faster!) are used for the depictions, as well as 3D modelers and utilities listed on the official POV-Ray site. Free Mac utility software from Apple, look here and here (also PC tools), has been used for conversions and adaptation. The Mac application moover is used for creating movies from pictures. The official Apple QuickTime Pro software is of course useful for authoring purposes, but not free.

In some cases - such as when using relatively slow Internet connections - it may be better first to download the movies in their entirety, then view them locally. Choose the Download Link to Disk or Save this Link as... option from the menu which You obtain by clicking (PC: right clicking) the link.

Comments on this page - as well as suggestions for technology improvement - are warmly welcome!


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